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I AM, therefore I am valuable and unique

Big THANKS to all of you who responded to my poll!

It looks like most of us are achievers, but the rest of the factors also had their share in influencing the confidence. This is so common and known to all of us, and it's great that we are aware and

feel good about our achievements, experience, knowledge, and that we accept and enjoy the feedback and appreciation of others.

But now I will ask you:

  • What if I still didn't achieve anything in my new role, or I did in the past but then I failed, once, twice, more times?

  • What if I don't have the experience?

  • Is the knowledge itself enough to make us feel confident?

  • Does it mean that I should feel less confident if other evaluate me better, and more if they give me good marks?


Well, simple:

Accepting that we are amazing and absolutely valuable and unique regardless of any external factors

Apart from this, what may help is being self aware and:

  1. Knowing our purpose and doing the work that we are passionate about

  2. Knowing our values, talents, strengths

  3. Constantly learning and growing personally and professionally

Simple, but for some reason, not always so easy (especially number 1).

Let's cherish and work on our inside world, so that we can bring the best of us to the world that surrounds us!

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