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Coaching process is devided into  1-2 Exploratory sessions, Reagular coaching sessions and the Closure. Exploratory sessions serve for you to deep dive into your thoughts, emotions and habits and to raise the self-awareness. It is also a time when we will define goals that you would like to accomplish. During regular sessions we work to define action plans that will get you closer to your vision, and lastly we will sum up the achievements in the Closure session and celebrate your success. Curious about more?


Career Coaching

Do you have a feeling that you  have so much more talents than you actually use, or maybe you are not quite sure what is it that you have to offer to the world? Is it hard for you to define the purpose that would lead you in your work?  Do you feel like you need to rethink your career? Is it hard for you to define where do you want to move on professionally? Maybe you know what is your next career step, but just not sure how to get there? Would you like to discover new ways of your professional growth and become more productive? 

Book a free call with me to discover how I can support you to answer these challenges.

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Life coaching

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Do you procrastinate on the tasks that are important to you, and are not sure why and how to adress this? Would you like to define your vision and achieveable goals? In these sessions we will work together to discover your potential and roadblocks and develop action steps to achieve more of your personal goals.

Get in touch today and start creating the life you deserve.


First time mums' SPECIAL

Are you a first time mum? Congratulations! But this amazing experience, apart from enjoyment, carries a lot of stress and a challenges, and requires balance between emotions, thoughts and our physical body. My sessions will support you in difficult moments and empower you to take the best out of this journey!

Book a free call with me an check out how I can help.

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Group Coaching

These sessions are for you if you enjoy learning and growing personally in a group set-up, or if you would like to work with your team on developing productive group dynamic.

Book a free call to know more.

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